Dragons and Dancing Crabs [An update]

Just a quick blog post to update the situation with the Esoteric Software runtimes. As of today the official Generic C# and XNA runtimes have been made available by Esoteric Software. As such there is no need for my runtime anymore. This is good news as it means that any new features added by Esoteric Software will be automatically fed through to the official run-times. I have therefore updated my GitHub Repository to use the official runtimes. As such there is a lot less code to see! If you still want to get hold of ‘my old cobbled together code’ – converted from the corona and java runtimes – then I’ve tagged the tree on the master branch at the point before I removed the runtime – Tag name is PreOfficialRuntime.

One thing to note is that the format of the atlas (Sprite Sheet) files have changed (compared to my runtime) as a result of moving to the official run-times. If using TexturePacker then you should export the “LibGDX” format rather than the Json formats.

I found one small issue with the runtime when importing skeleton Json files with slot changes in the animation, however by the time you read this it’ll be fixed because I can see my pull request has already been accepted! Fast work from the team at Esoteric!

I did find one more issue, that is not yet resolved, where the graphics are distorted when the iPad is rotated. I haven’t yet found where this issue lies. I wonder if it is with the custom SpriteBatcher code in the XNA runtime, however it may just as likely (more likely) be something I’ve done wrong! I’ll see if I can look into this over the next few days and fix it up.

[Edit: 12-04-2013 – The rotation distortion is now fixed. Esoteric Software fixed an issue in the XNA runtime] 🙂

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