About Me….

Randolph Burt (aka Randeroo) – ‘C# Artist’ and ‘MonoGame Evangelist’

By day developing software for Health Care in Visual Studio.

By night dabbling with MonoDevelop on the Mac.

Any views expressed here are my own and not those of my employer blah blah blah

2 thoughts on “About Me….

  1. Hi

    Saw your tutorial on TexturePacker, Do you have one yet for PhysicEditor for Monogame.

    Cannot find one any where from anyone. Not sure what to use as default.

    Simple 2d scrolling like zelda
    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Michelle – Sorry – I haven’t played with PhysicsEditor. It was my intention to look at PhysicsEditor after TexturePacker however I find myself with less and less time these days – too much happening etc. It might be that in the future I have a chance to look again at this, however currently I’m spending more time with Javascript (AngularJS) than c#.


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