How to transfer your Wattbike workout to Garmin Connect / Strava

Short Version

  • Record your Wattbike session on to a USB stick
  • Install the Wattbike Expert Software and import the session from the USB stick
  • Select “Analyse” / “Export analysis modules” to export a DAT file
  • Go to wattbike2garmin to convert your DAT file to a TCX
  • Import the TCX into Garmin Connect / Strava etc


Long Version


You can plug a USB stick into a Wattbike and get some WSE files with loads of information about your workout, however those files are not recognised by Garmin or Strava etc. Garmin/Strava require TCX files. In order to convert the WSE files to TCX we need to import the WSE files into the “Wattbike Expert Software”, which allows us to export to a DAT file. We can then use a web-site to convert the DAT files to TCX – then we can upload the workout to Garmin/ Strava.

This blog post explains how to do this…

Recording your workout

Before you start your training session on the wattbike, simply plug a USB stick into the bike – The USB port is on the back of the computer/display at the front of the bike. Note: Make sure there is nothing on the USB stick that you want to keep because the Wattbike will first format the USB stick.
Select ‘Just ride’ and complete your work-out as normal. Pressing ESC at the end of the session will display a status bar showing ‘transferring files to USB’. This may scroll through a couple of times but will eventually complete. You may then take the USB stick out.

Wattbike Exert Software

Once back at home you’ll need to install the Wattbike Expert Software – Go to Wattbike and click on the “Expert Software” download button.


This will download the installer executable which you’ll need to run to install the software.
Once installed and running you should have a screen like below…


Plug your USB stick into the computer and click on “Device” / “Transfer Data from Logger”. Then click on the ‘USB Stick’ option when the below screen is presented.


Select the appropriate drive. (There will probably be just one shown).


You are then presented with the following screen…


You probably want to click on “Import all sessions”, or you can select “Session Details” and pick individual sessions to import.
If you do decide to import just some sessions then they are listed with the most recent first. (Note: The date and time is taken from the Wattbike, so if it is wrong on the Wattbike then it’ll be wrong on the screen below).


You’ll next be prompted to create a user. You’ll need to populate the names, height, weight and birth-year in order to proceed. (In future this screen will show your existing user at the bottom of the screen thus meaning you won’t need to enter your details again.)


You are then taken back to the initial ‘transfer sessions from USB’ screen. Just wait – It might take a few seconds – but eventually you’ll be presented with the following screen.


At this point I selected the ‘open file’ option and the software locked up! So, I killed the process via task manager, re-opened the application, clicked on Exit on the splash screen and selected “File” / “Open personal file from database”. I selected myself on the below screen…


Once I’d clicked on myself then the list of sessions were displayed. From here you can export each session. Simply double click on the session and wait for it to load up. You’ll be presented with a screen something like below…


At this point we can select the “Analyse” menu and then select “Export analysis modules”.


I left everything ticked as it was and just pressed the “Export” button. You’ll be prompted for a location to save the file and then it will export the data for you. (Note: You will hopefully see some feedback in the bar to the left of the ‘Export’ button to show that it has exported, however if your computer is quick and/or the session is short then you might not see this!)

At this point we have the DAT file.

Converting the DAT file to a TCX file

We must now convert this to a TCX to upload to Garmin. This is the easy bit! Browse to wattbike2garmin and select the “Choose File” button. Select the DAT file you just exported, fill in the date and time and then select “Convert File Now”.


The conversion is pretty quick and you should receive a TCX file in no time at all.


You should now be able to connect to Garmin, Strava or wherever and select to manually upload the TCX file, whereupon you’ll see your speed, power and cadence (and heart rate if you paired a heart rate monitor with the Wattbike).


Trouble Shooting

If you find that the Wattbike Expert software does not recognise your USB stick then it may be that the Wattbike did not format the USB stick properly and thus all the files are in the wrong location.
The correct file structure is as below, with a single folder in the root called “WATTBIKE Expert”. Under that there will be a “SessionFiles” folder with an “UnknownUser” folder and then all the WSE files (one for each work out).


However, I have seen one instance (Rob’s comment below) where it appears that the Wattbike did not format the USB stick correctly and we ended up with a structure like below…


You can see that instead of there being a “WATTBIKE Expert” folder, there is a file with that name! Then all the WSE files are in the root. Trying to import these into the Wattbike Expert Software won’t work – the USB stick won’t be listed. If this happens to you then you’ll need to manually create the correct structure (right-click, new-folder etc) and then move all the XML files into the “WATTBIKE Expert\XMLFiles\UnknownUser” folder and move all the WSE files into the “WATTBIKE Expert\SessionFiles\UnknownUser”. You should then be able to import the data into the Wattbike Expert Software application.
It will be interesting to see, now that the folder/file structure is correct, whether future workouts transfer to the correct location on the USB stick.

20 thoughts on “How to transfer your Wattbike workout to Garmin Connect / Strava

    • Hi Rob. I’ve updated the blog post with a ‘trouble shooting’ section explaining the problem you had. It’s a bit odd, however it seems the Wattbike did not initialise the USB stick correctly! Moving the files to the correct location fixed this. Cheers.

  1. Hi Randolph, any idea how to do this using a MAC? Problem is WATT Bike software don’t run on MACs. I managed fine with my windows PC but have now switched over to a MAC.

      • Hi Randolph! Any ideas for us mac based watt bikers?

        I took my USB to gym last night only to come home with a nice file that I can’t do anything with and have no record of my workout!

        Is there anyway at all to take that file/data and get it into Trainingpeaks or Garmin, using a Mac!

      • Hi Lee,
        Sadly it still looks to be the case that there is no Mac equivalent of the windows software, so for now you’ll need to find a friendly PC owner willing to install the software and do the transfer for you.

  2. Randolph

    My wattbike type B computer freezes and the action is to use the reset button on the back of the console, is there something I am doing cause this problem ?

    • Hi David, I’ve not had that problem – it sounds more likely to be something wrong with the Wattbike computer 😦
      It might be worth checking on the Wattbike web-site or contacting them direct for advice – If it is a problem they know about then they may have a firmware update you can apply.

  3. thanks. randolph. I can upload onto the wattbike software and get to a file that will load to strava- however it comes up that i’ve ridden a distance (completely wrong), won’t give me power or speed or anything on strava yet has everything correct in the wattbike software?

    • Hi Susan. Oh dear – that doesn’t sound good. I’ve not had that problem so I’m not sure what to suggest. It sounds very strange that the distance is wrong in Strava. With regards to not seeing the power/speed etc then I’ve found that I no longer see this on the iOS Strava app but it does appear on the Strava web-site. However if the distance is wrong then there must be something very odd going on 😦

    • Hi Susan, this just happened to me. There seems to be a bug whereby if you pause during the session for say 5 minutes and then continue, those 5 minutes are truncated from the end of the data when exported from the shoddy wattbike software. At least, that’s what happened to me.

  4. Hello. Is it possible to Recall a ride and then save it to a usb stick? E.g. I did a ride. It’s still on the watt bike, and I would really like to download it retrospectively 🙂

    • Hi Rob, I’ve not had that problem so not sure what is happening there. Any chance you can try that USB stick on a different Wattbike – and also try a different USB stick on the original Wattbike. Might help narrow down where the problem is – USB or Wattbike. Hopefully just something funny about that USB stick.

  5. Would someone perhaps be able to do me a favour? I recorded a WSE file on the wattbike this morning however my housemate’s Wattbike Expert software (I have a Mac) can’t recognise the USB stick, even though it appears as present on the laptop.

    Is there a way to import the file other than through the Data Transfer from a USB stick, or additionally would someone be able to export to a DAT file for me if I sent them the WSE. file? Thank you.

  6. Great info Randolph. If you’ve performed a workout that has “laps” then you end up with multiple sessions, that will export individually. Any idea how to merge the sessions into one big session – whether in the Expert software, or your converter? Cheers, Jon


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