Paint Replay – Sales and Trends

Well, it’s been two weeks since the Paint Replay app went live on the App Store, so I thought I would share the number of downloads during that time.

Logging in to iTunes Connect you are able to see the past few weeks of downloads and updates so it is very easy to keep track of how many downloads you receive each day, along with a breakdown by country.

The app went live on the 1st February and received 22 downloads. The next day I posted a message to the Google+ MonoGame group and the MonoGame Forums. Tom Spilman of Sickhead Games was then kind enough to post details of my app on the main MonoGame web-site. That resulted in a good weekend with 154 downloads on the Saturday and a further 181 downloads on the Sunday. I’m not really sure how many downloads I expected to get, however this was already far exceeding it!
Anyway, as I write this blog post on the 15th, I have now had 917 downloads which is superb. The graph below shows the downloads over this time – as you can see it has started to tail off a bit now – however I’m hoping I can reach 1000 downloads.

Further to this, I have just received confirmation that v1.1 is now available in the app store. Like the original release v1.1 took approx 6 days to pass through approval. The only difference with v1.1 is that it will now run on the older iOS v5.0, which in turn means it will run on an iPad 1. This may of course spark some more downloads – we shall see. However, I’m hoping that this also means I’ll be able to receive sales/download figures for the number of updates downloaded – i.e. the number of people that had v1.0 installed and thus received an update. Although this wouldn’t give me a true indication of how many people are actually using the app, it will tell me how many people still have it installed on their iPad!

If I am able to get the ‘update download’ figures as well as the ‘raw download’ data then I’ll update the below graph with that information as and when it becomes available.
[EDIT: The red line shows the number of updates]

Download Figures


Below are two charts showing the breakdown of downloads by apple store (country) over the first two weeks. As you can see, the UK store dominated both weeks with 43 downloads in the first week (Jan 28th – Feb 3rd) and 133 in the second week (Feb 4th – Feb 10th). People from at least 50 different countries have downloaded the app each week.

Week 1 Downloads By Country

Week 2 Downloads By Country


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