Paint Replay


Paint Replay

Is this the greatest ‘paint’ app ever?
No it is not, but hey it’s free, fun to use and no ads!

  • A selection of colours to choose from, or mix your own colour, and then drag your finger around to paint on the screen. Alter the brush size, undo and redo your strokes.
  • Export your masterpieces, or share them on Facebook and Twitter.
  • And finally – the killer feature – you can ‘replay’ the painting, stroke for stroke, to amaze your friends.

How Do I Use Paint Replay?

Hopefully Paint Replay is self explanatory, however below are some tips to help you make the most of this application…

From The Main Screen

From the main screen you can scroll through your pictures or select one of the buttons described below…

PaintReplay_paint Start editing the current picture
PaintReplay_playback Replay the current picture
PaintReplay_portrait Start a new portrait picture
PaintReplay_landscape Start a new landscape picture
PaintReplay_copy Copy the selected picture
PaintReplay_delete Delete the selected picture
PaintReplay_photo Export the selected picture to your photos
PaintReplay_email Email the selected picture
PaintReplay_facebook Post the selected picture to Facebook
PaintReplay_twitter Post the selected picture to Twitter

Painting A Picture

When painting a picture your screen is split into two parts – the toolbox and the picture. You touch the screen to paint the picture. From the toolbox you can change the brush size and colour.
As you can see from the below image the toolbar will obscure part of the picture, therefore you can dock the toolbar at the top or bottom of the screen depending on which bit of the picture you wish to paint – and you can minimise the toolbar to give yourself more space for your picture.
But what if you make a mistake – Well don’t worry, you can undo the 10 most recent set of paint strokes.


The toolbox controls are explained below…

PaintReplay_SaveAndExit Save the picture in its current state and return to the main screen
PaintReplay_DockTop Dock the toolbox at the top of the screen
PaintReplay_DockBottom Dock the toolbox at the top of the screen
PaintReplay_MinimizeToolbar Minimise the toolbox
PaintReplay_MaximizeToolbar Maximise the toolbox
PaintReplay_Undo Undo the most recent set of paint strokes
PaintReplay_Redo Redo a set of paint strokes previously undone
PaintReplay_Brush Select the size of the brush
PaintReplay_ColourPicker Select from a pre-defined list of colours
PaintReplay_ColourSelector Alter the red, green, blue and alpha values to create any colour

Replaying A Picture

So, you’ve drawn your masterpiece – now what?
Well, press the Replay button on the main screen and watch as the picture paints itself stroke by stroke. You can control the speed of the painting by altering the speed gauge. Also a progress bar shows how much of the picture has been painted so far.


The toolbox controls for the replay screen are explained below…

PaintReplay_Play Start the replay
PaintReplay_Pause Pause the replay
PaintReplay_RestartPlayback Restart the replay from the beginning
PaintReplay_SpeedGauge Select the speed of the replay
PaintReplay_ProgressBar Progress bar


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Any suggestions or problems? Leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Paint Replay

    • Hi Denise. Glad you enjoy the app! Please note that it doesn’t work on iOS 9 and above and I’m not actively updating it anymore. With regards to FERPA compliance, I’m in the UK so this isn’t something I’ve come across before and not sure what is required to make it FERPA compliant. However the app is completely standalone – it doesn’t upload anything to the web and does not collect any user information – not sure if this is helpful at all?


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